Benviroc Ltd is a SME consultancy company based in Finland. The company was founded in 2006 and has since specialized in climate change mitigation and adaptation, greenhouse gas inventories and sustainable development.

The biggest client group for Benviroc is cities and municipalities in Finland and across Europe. We also work with EU Member states, National Governments, ministries, local authorities, private companies and other organisations.

In Benviroc we work in close collaboration with our clients to reach the best possible outcome in each project and take pride in offering our clients high-quality, cost-effective and flexible service.



Benviroc provides its clients a variety of services including for example preparation and implementation of action plans and programs related to climate change and sustainable development. We can assist with data gathering, stakeholder engagement and preparation of scenarios and reports. Our services are tailored to each customer. They range from individual tasks and training to whole-system solutions with final outputs.

Services we offer are:

Greenhouse gas inventories:

Greenhouse gas inventories are at the core of Benviroc’s expertise. Suvi Monni has worked with national GHG inventory preparation in various European countries and is involved in the methodology development under the IPCC as well as under City initiatives such as Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. Benviroc has a wide experience in supporting Finland’s and other countries’ emissions accounting and reporting to the EU and the UNFCCC.

We offer greenhouse gas inventories conforming to various standards, following the most commonly used methodological frameworks such as the GPC and the Covenant of Mayors. We assist with everything from data collection to calculation and reporting and offer turnkey services as well.

Benviroc is the market leader in Finland in the provision of City level GHG inventories, covering more than 70 % of the country’s population under its annual monitoring scheme CO2-report.


Action plans and scenarios for municipalities and cities:

Benviroc prepares energy and climate programs and strategies for municipalities and cities of all sizes. The projects are implemented in close cooperation with the customer and are tailored according to the needs of each customer. Action plans may include accounting of emissions, identifying climate and adaptation actions, evaluating costs and cost effectiveness of measures, performing risk and vulnerability analyzes as well as projecting future emissions and preparing scenarios.

Through our experience in development of projections for international agencies and national Governments across Europe, we apply best practices for prediction of emission development. We support Cities in the identification of their ”Business as Usual” (BAU) development based on relevant indicators and impacts of national measures (including legislation and fiscal measures). Based on the BAU, we estimate the emission development taking into consideration the impact of PaMs (Policies and Measures) and assess the path towards the target.


Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans:

Benviroc also assists municipalities and cities to develop Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) under the Covenant of Mayors. SECAP sets out a base year emissions inventory and identifies key actions by which the region aims to pursue its emission reduction targets. In addition, the risks and vulnerabilities as well as the adaptation to climate change are reviewed. We provide full SECAP preparation as well as consultation on specific aspects of the action plan. Benviroc has e.g. consulted the city of Turku in the preparation of their Climate Plan 2029 and prepared full SECAP Action Plans for several cities including three out of the five biggest cities in Finland.  

Benviroc has knowledge in the monitoring, reporting and verification of climate actions ensuring that the local authorities will have their Plans prepared according to the required standards. Suvi Monni has been involved in the evaluation of hundreds of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), and the preparation of Guidebooks, both used under the Covenant of Mayors. Our experience also enables effective communication of local actions, ambitions and targets.


Risks, vulnerability and adaptation:

The anticipation of, and preparation for, unavoidable impacts of climate change is becoming ever more important to cities and local authorities. This is increasingly recognized by national as well as international initiatives such as the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Our support in adaptation starts with identification of key climate change risks the city is currently facing or is expected to be facing in the future. We then gather information on existing national and local plans to get an overview of the current state of adaptation, and work together with City officials and other stakeholders to identify the most relevant adaptation actions.


Policy impact assessments:

Benviroc carries out impact assessments of the local, regional and national climate policies. Our services cover emissions reductions achieved through policies and estimates of the future reductions. In addition, we assess the cost and employment effects of the measures as well as the positive and negative side effects. Our impact assessment methods are based on internationally accepted best practices.

Benviroc has for instance carried out annual ex-post evaluations of the effectiveness of renewable energy promotion measures (costs, emission reductions, impact on employment) in the projects commissioned by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Motiva Oy.


Greenhouse gas balance in the land use sector and carbon neutrality scenarios:

Many cities have set ambitious climate targets and have decided to pursue carbon neutrality in the coming decades. In addition to emission reductions, achieving carbon neutrality often requires considering the carbon sinks of land use, especially forests. In the land use sector’s greenhouse gas balance, we calculate the emissions and removals of land uses which can be considered as being affected by human activity: forests, cropland, grasslands and peat production areas.


Sustainable development indicators:

In cooperation with MSDI Oy, Benviroc provides the ‘MayorsIndicators’ service for cities and municipalities to support the monitoring of the sustainable development goals. MayorsIndicators service allows cities to track their performance towards the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and offers a unique dataset allowing comparison and benchmark across cities.

Visit MayorsIndicator’s website and find out more.


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